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Reading with Melissa Studdard

7 pm

Brazos Bookstore

2421 Bissonnet St., Houston


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Reading with Nishta Mehra

7 pm

Rice University

6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005


Houston: Press Release

For immediate release March 14, 2018. Saint Julian Press proudly presents a new collection of poems by poet Leslie Contreras Schwartz, available now through fine book distributors and retailers.

Nightbloom & Cenote by Leslie Contreras Schwartz

Schwartz’s second collection of poems examines the legacy of trauma, abuse and illness among a family of women—and the ability of women and girls to survive and sing. Exploring debilitating illness and the loss of physical abilities, at times searing in grief and in other moments patient and willing to accept, Schwartz questions the truth behind any survival, what it looks like for a girl to emerge from the bottom of any cenote, a person to live with debilitating disease and still thrive, or a city’s residents to move forward after a hundred-year flood.